Enhancing business in the most impactful way possible: through 50% of the population.

Gender equality is not a women’s issue, it’s a societal one. In Africa and throughout the world, business is still significantly underutilizing 50% of its human capital, and this of course creates inefficiency.

From a private sector point of view, this is particularly damaging, because the most basic of maths tells us that by better training, empowering, and leveraging this half of the workforce, we could all achieve much stronger results. 

In partnership with our non-profit arm, African Women on Board, RDF Strategies provides specialised services to public and private sector clients who wish to advance gender equality in their institutions. This includes tailored D&I programmes, internal and external training, flexible working strategies, policy development, and safety in the workplace assessment and certification.

Today, corporate attitudes towards diversity and inclusion not only impact the productivity levels of the working environment, but cut through directly to the bottom line. At RDF, we believe that an organization’s approach to such matters should go beyond traditional CSR and box ticking exercises, and can help organisations to become leading examples in this area.