Reputation Management

The way to gain a reputation is to endeavor to be what you desire to appear.

The world’s most effective leaders are those who are able to message effectively, connect with audiences, showcase their brand and enhance their reputations. Indeed, at no time has clear and effective communication whether with internal or external stakeholders been as vital to any leader’s success than it is now, in this age of enhanced accountability.

At RDF we provide the strategy, tactics and tools to build, maintain and protect corporate, institutional and personal reputation. We work with individuals and organisations committed to inspiring change to develop and enhance the right profile combination of character and competence. Through our step-by-step strategies, we promote their profiles and core messages by participating in the right industry conversations. From strategic event engagements and local and international media management, we ensure that our clients stand out in engaging and authentic ways. Ultimately, we believe that the more African leaders and organisations are able to effectively communicate their stories and brands, the better the reputation of African countries and the continent at large.

Corporate Communication Strategy
Joined-up Messaging