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Templars joins ASP as visionary partner on this year’s Africa Soft Power Summit

Dear Friends & Family,

With just over two weeks to go until the Africa Soft Power Summit, we’re delighted to
welcome Pan-African Law FirmTemplars on-board. The organisation shares our passion for workplace change, and the ability of the emerging creative and digital sectors to help accelerate it.

“As the continent – and the world – transitions into a more creative and digitallyorientated
economic future, we are presented with a prime opportunity to recalibrate
our workplaces and rede ne roles,” said Oghogho Akpata, Managing Partner,
Templars. “Particularly in the areas of female leadership, and wider equality and
inclusion, Africa and its creative sectors can be a pioneering force in ushering in real

You can read all the latest on the ASP Summit, including key insights from Nigeria’s
Bank of Industry (BOI), here.

Why African soft power matters
Ahead of the summit, ASP Founder & Creative Director, Nkiru Balonwu, spoke to
Semafor’s Africa Editor, Yinka Adegoke, about the importance of African Soft Power
on the world stage. In the same way that Hollywood, TV shows and music
complement the economic and military might of the US, Balonwu says that much of
Africa’s soft power lies with its youth in creative industries: “This is where our real
strength lies, and we just haven’t been able to understand it before now.” You can
read the article in full here.