Deep rooted institutional obstacles are a major barrier keeping women from obtaining and securing the most powerful, prestigious and highest-grossing jobs, whether in the private or public sector, regardless of qualifications or achievements. Similarly, too many women miss out on professional opportunities because of fear of failure, lack of self-confidence, performance anxiety or self-doubt. Whether it is public speaking, salary negotiation or taking on a leadership role, women do not feel equipped to communicate powerfully and effectively or they feel too modest to “brag” about their achievements.

At RDF, we believe that the more individual women get to the top, the more power women have to change these attitudinal or organisational obstacles, overall. We provide consulting services to private and public-sector institutions committed to advancing gender equality in their organisations. We also offer ongoing effective communication advisory services to equip female leaders with the ability to interact more effectively with relevant stakeholders. We work closely with our sister not-for-profit organisation, African Women on Board (AWB), to match female professionals with mentors and sponsors from across multiple industries in Africa.