Media Training and Executive Training are important. In today’s world, executives need to communicate professionally and coherently to multiple audiences. Like it or not, public speaking and media engagement are a critical part of a global executive’s job description. Whether speaking to the press, making a keynote address or an on-the-spot presentation, individuals need confidence and the correct skills to effectively communicate their key messages.

At RDF, we are committed to helping our clients achieve their short and long-term communication goals. We bring together an experienced team of facilitators with world-class expertise, diverse experiences and specialised skills to help senior executives develop practical and valuable communication insights, techniques and results.

Our Courses Include:

  • Advanced Media Training for Senior Executives
  • Effective Communication for Women Executives
  • Effective Communication and Reputation Management for Senior Government Officials and Industry Leaders
  • Bespoke Board Workshops
  • Earnings (Analyst) Call Trainings
  • Corporate Communication and Crisis Management
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